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Order Implementing Amended Standing Order

*Domestic Standing Order With Children (Amended)*

*Domestic Standing Order Without Children (Amended)*

Family law cases make up the large majority of the civil caseload of this Court. Georgia statutes and the Uniform Superior Court Rules require that litigants in family law matters prepare and present numerous documents for the Court's consideration. The accuracy and clarity of these documents are critical to the Court's determination of issues in a contested case. Even if the case is uncontested, the language of pleadings, agreements and orders is of lasting significance to the litigants.

Over one-third of the family law cases filed in this Court have at least one self-represented party, which is more than double the national average. 1 So that these cases can proceed to resolution without undue delay, and to achieve the best outcomes for the parties and the minor children who are involved in these cases, this Court establishes a mandatory Family Law Workshop (hereafter, "the Workshop").


The Court Administrator will be responsible for all facets of the Workshop, with the approval of the Court. The Workshop will be held remotely and presented by volunteer attorneys from the Blue Ridge Bar Association. There is no cost to the participants for the Workshop.

The Court hereby orders that the attached "Addendum to Domestic Standing Order" (hereafter, "Addendum Order") shall apply to all family law actions2 filed on or after July 1, 2023. The Addendum Order is incorporated by reference into this Implementing Order, and shall become a separate Order when filed in an individual case and shall constitute notice of this entire Implementing Order.

There is no cost to the Workshop, but you must sign up to attend through the Office of the Court Administration at You may visit the office's website at for more information.

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