Passports for Minors Age 16 and 17


Valid For:

10 years


Submission Method:


MUST apply in person on Form DS-11


Parent Identification:


A parent can identify a minor that does not have his or her own identification


Parental Consent


Minors ages 16-17 with their own identification can apply for a passport by themselves; however, it is recommended that at least one parent appear in person with the minor to identify him/her and to show parental awareness.


Parental Awareness 

  • Having a parent accompany the minor when applying,

  • Listing a parent as the Emergency Contact on the application,

  • Using a parent’s check to pay the passport fees, or

  • A signed statement consenting to issuance of a passport from at least one parent (should be accompanied by a photocopy of that parent’s ID).


Required Documentation

Evidence of U.S. Citizenship

You must submit one of the following original documents as primary evidence of U.S. citizenship (photocopies are not acceptable):

  • Certified U.S. Birth Certificate (must meet all of the following requirements):

    • Issued by City, County, or State of birth

    • Lists bearer’s full name, date of birth, and place of birth

    • Lists parent(s) full names

    • Has date filed with registrar’s office (must be within one year of birth)

    • Has registrar’s signature

    • Has embossed, impressed, or multicolored seal of registrar

  • Previous U.S. Passport (may be expired, must be undamaged)

  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth

  • Naturalization Certificate

  • Certificate of Citizenship