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Gender Transition Applicants


We can issue two different kinds of passports to you depending on where you are in your gender transition. You must provide extra documentation in both cases.

Status of Gender Transition         Kind of Passport         Validity of Passport

Completed                                       Full Validity                 10 years

In Process                                        Limited Validity          2 years



Whether your gender transition is "in process" or "completed," you must apply using Form DS-11. Please include the following, in addition to the regularly-required documents:

  • ID that resembles your current appearance

  • Passport photo that resembles your current appearance

  • Proof of legal name change (if applicable)

  • A physician statement that indicates you have either completed or are in process of treatment for gender transition


Please see Apply in Person for all regularly-required passport documents.


Replacing a Limited-Validity Passport?


If your passport book was limited to 2 years because your gender transition was "in process" (as indicated in the chart above) and you have now completed transition, you can apply for a replacement full ten-year validity book at no additional cost by submitting Form DS-5504. Please also submit the following:

  • Your limited passport book

  • A physician statement indicating you have completed appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition


Physician's Statement

The signed original statement from the attending medical physician must be on office letterhead and include:

  • Physician’s full name

  • Medical license or certificate number

  • Issuing state or other jurisdiction of medical license/certificate

  • Address and telephone number of the physician

  • Language stating that he or she is your attending physician and that he or she has a doctor/patient relationship with you

  • Language stating you have completed or are in process of appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition to the new gender (male or female)

  • Language stating “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the forgoing is true and correct.”


Description of specific treatments is not required. However, the certification from a licensed physician, who has treated the applicant or reviewed and evaluated the medical history of the applicant regarding the change in gender, shall be based on the physician's judgment regarding the applicant's treatment needs, and made in accordance with standards and recommendations of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), recognized as the authority in this field by the American Medical Association (AMA).

A template Physician's Statement is available for download here.

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