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Cherokee County Clerk's Office is unable to provide forms or packets. All forms must be drafted by an attorney or the individual requesting court action. As clerks we are unable to provide legal advice (venue, jurisdiction, forms required, etc.) pursuant to O.C.G.A 15-19-51 (A)(4). If you need assistance with divorce filing requirements, we strongly suggest you consult with an attorney.


Civil and Domestic Information Form

Civil and Domestic Disposition Form


General Civil and Domestic Relations Case Filing Instructions

  1. Provide the class of court and county in which the case is being filed.

  2. Provide the plaintiff’s and defendant’s names.

  3. Provide the plaintiff’s attorney’s name and State Bar number. If you are representing yourself, provide your own name and check the self-represented box.

  4. Provide the primary type of case by checking only one appropriate box. Cases can be either general civil or domestic relations and only one type of primary case within those categories. Check the case type that most accurately describes the primary case. If applicable, check one sub-type under the primary case type. If you are making more than one type of claim, check the case type that involves the largest amount of damages or the one you consider most important. See below for definitions of each case type.

  5. Provide an answer to the four questions, at bottom, by checking the appropriate boxes and/or filling in the appropriate lines.

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